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The bread and butter of your startup’s SERP success.

Content Writing for SaaS: Made Easy

If you’re going to share your startup’s ingenuity with the world through organic search and build your domain authority, you need to lay the building blocks with authentic, high-quality, engaging content. My strategy to achieve this is fourfold:

  1. Understand: I research and discuss with you to learn about your customers, your business, your competitors, and other important context. I perform keyword research based on what I’ve found based on queries your customers will be searching for. High search intent is my focus.
  2. Human: robots might help you rank on page 1, but they’re not your target audience. Writing in a tone that your your audience will understand and relate to is critical. I make content easy to read by breaking it up with short, diverse sections of text content, bullet points, and images so content is easy to scan.
  3. A Helping Hand: to win the hearts of your customers, it’s better to focus on how you can help them than to describe the service you offer. Rather than listing your dashboard’s fifty API integrations, let’s share a case study about how your service helped Emma add SMS text notifications to her small ecommerce business. After adding the service, Emma could send abandoned cart notifications to her returning customers, allowing her business to recover lost sales opportunities.
  4. Call to Action: I will strategically add engagement points in your content that will build opportunities to guide customers further down the funnel. Let’s transform your organic search leads into conversions with account signups, email newsletters, social followers, contact form submissions, and more.

When we work together, understand our goals, remember our humanity, genuinely help our audience, and extend out the red carpet for them, getting the leads and conversions you need really is easy.

Already Have a Plan? No Problem

If you’ve got a content plan already, that works for me. I’ll jump right into helping you execute your strategy by writing the pieces you need on time.

Service Options

Here’s just a few of the different ways that I can generate high-quality SaaS content:

Landing Pages

Let’s attract organic leads with high-intent keywords at the top of your funnel. Then, get them engaged to transform those leads into conversions further down with CTAs and internal links.

Blog Posts

The bread and butter of your content strategy. No matter what form they take, blog posts put you on the SERP map. Let’s dig in with keyword research and get outlining now.

Case Studies

You’ve made a big difference in the lives of your customers. Let’s share success stories that will inspire your customers and investors.


You’ve captured email subscription conversions. Now let’s keep up the momentum with high quality content right in their inbox to maintain their loyalty.

Let’s work together to increase your domain authority. We’ll target relevant sites where we can tell your story and earn you valuable guest post backlinks. If your piece isn’t published, get your money back.


Frequently asked questions are a great way to update existing posts and give valuable information to your audience, increasing your loyalty and search ranking for competitive keywords.

Landing Pages

Having a place for your clients to arrive at your site, learn about what you offer, and grab the lead magnet at the end of your fishing line sounds simple in theory, but is much more difficult in practice. It requires research, a solid understanding of your value proposition, compelling headlines and meta descriptions, focus on benefits, social proof, and a strong call to action.

I am so glad I hired Liam, he was professional, quick to understand my business, and set a tone that was easy for my customers to understand. He divided the project into 6 different sections and always delivered each set on time and with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.

Matthew Johnson

Founder / CEO of MAJicData

Blog Posts

A good SaaS content writer can create a blog post for your startup’s website. A great SaaS content writer can make posts that capture leads in organic search with high intent keywords, establish logical internal linking opportunities, strategically insert CTAs, and transform your blog into a conversion generator. If needed, I’ll ghost write your pieces to help share your leadership’s expertise and vision with the world.

See My Latest Posts

My blog on this site covers some of my latest work, things I’ve learned, and more.

Case Studies

I’m a SaaS content writer that loves to share stories. Your goal is to help people, and one of the best ways to show them what’s possible with your product is to tell them a story. I’ll transform your customer interviews into customer-converting opportunities by addressing customer pain points, utilizing data storytelling, and demonstrating your company’s expertise and product in action.


Having access to your customers’ inbox is a powerful privilege. If you’ve managed to get email subscriptions from potential and current customers, you’re already on the way to success. I’ll help get you the rest of the way by building greater customer loyalty with your newsletter. I’ll work with you to create engaging email content about your SaaS business that drives traffic to your latest blog posts, case studies, and encourages continued use of your product or service.

One important way to build your SaaS startup’s domain authority is through backlinks. Although there are many ways to get backlinks to your startup, one of my favorite is guest posting. By sharing the expertise you’ve learned as a business and getting your name out there with guest posts on other sites, you’ll start to build backlinks and further your reputation and authority as a business.


Whether it’s a main page on your site or if it’s a section added to the end of many of your blog posts, FAQs can be a powerful SEO tool. Let’s come up with questions your audience has, as well as high intent questions your customers are searching for.

SaaS Content Writer: Here for You

Don’t wait to realize your startup’s potential. Let’s chat and make your move to get ahead of the competition in SERP.