The Real-Time Internet: Visions of AI-Generated Everything

Although I wasn’t successful in getting this piece on the front page of the site, I’m still pretty proud of how this one turned out. I was inspired to write this after watching a really interesting interview of Jared Ficklin on an episode of Freethink’s Hard Reset. It’s a very futurist interview where Ficklin argues that in the future, AI will generate almost all software that we ever need on demand. Everything will be hyper-personalized and ‘quantum-like’, no experience the same between two people.

I didn’t want to just rehash everything from the video, so I decided to get an expert opinion on the subject. So, I went to my longest-running client, MobiDev, and asked their AI Team Leader Liubov Zatolokina for her opinion on the matter. When I talked to her about it, her insights revealed a more grounded and realist perspective on what may be possible. Although she didn’t deny that Ficklin’s vision could be achieved someday, she focused more on the obstacles in our way like the specifics of today’s technological limitations.